Children and Electronic media

Children and Electronic media


Television, cell phones, computers, video games and web social networks are dominating the media world and majority of children have access to multiple media. The numbers of children joining social networking websites are increasing daily.

Pre School Children

Infants and toddlers understand and learn better from real-life experiences and interactions with parents than they do from television or computers. Research suggests that exposure to television and other electronic media during the first few years of life is associated with inadequate development of communication skills and social skills. Hence children less than two years should not be exposed to electronic media.

School Children

With respect to school children, exposure to age-appropriate educational programs is associated with academic enhancement. The content delivered by electronic media has very important role in the personality development of children.Researchers have found that heavy electronic media use can cause attention problems in children.Evidence also shows that exposure to horror and violence through electronic media can cause emotional problems.

Role of Parents

Parents should monitor the electronic media use of children, in order to maximize the positive effects of media and minimize the negative effects. Parents can select age-appropriate programs for their children. If the child has an urge to use the electronic media excessively or the child has behavioral, emotional as well as learning and language problems, the child should be brought for professional guidance.


Electronic media have become an integral part of life in the twenty-first century. It has profound influence on child health. Experts in child guidance, should assess the child’s level of media exposure and intervene on media-related health risks. Through scientific training by professionals in child guidance, we can prevent the misuse of electronic media among children and lead our children towards a very successful future life.



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